Central Coast Land Conservancy

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Current Land Holdings 

The Central Coast Land Conservancy presently owns three fee-owned properties with a total of 18 acres, and manages four conservation easements that have a combined total of 230 acres. The properties range from five to one hundred acres. Our projects are found in spruce/hemlock and Douglas fir forests, estuarine and tidal salt marshes, and other coastal wetlands and floodplains.


The Central Coast Land Conservancy holds conservation easements on the following properties:

• 100 acres of forest land over looking Yaquina Bay. To be managed to maintain existing older trees and forest habitat and transition young forest to older, more diverse conditions.

• 60 acres of forest land with old trees overlooking Yaquina Bay (and contiguous with above property). Managed for conservation of older trees.

• Big Creek, Lane County. Protects 35 acres of old trees and three fish bearing streams, wetlands, and meadows; property is contiguous on one side with the Rock Creek wilderness area.

• Upper Yaquina River, Lincoln County. Protects 35 acres of streams, 2 springs, and forests. Property contains one of the best three steelhead spawning sites on the mainstem Yaquina.


The Central Coast Land Conservancy owns, and is responsible for stewardship on the following properties:

• 5-acre estuarine wetland near Toledo

• 6-acre wetland near Newport

• 7 acres of land adjacent to Big Nestucca River in Tillamook County

Management of these different properties involves using a broad range of tools to insure the important resources are protected. These tools include wetland restoration, exotic and invasive species control, enhancement of plant diversity, floodplain and riparian habitat enhancement, and litter control.

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